Train Employees in Lean Six Sigma: A Faster Way to Achieve Organisational Goals

Lean six sigma practitioners have always understood the importance of people

in the process of improvement. The governing principle was that a plan is only as good as the people who developed it and lean six sigma relies heavily on the buy-in of the employees. Based on this, exposing all levels of employees to the lean six sigma methodologies is crucial from 2 aspects:

  1. It allows employees at all levels to apply the principles of lean six sigma to their role
  2. It changes the culture of the organisation at every level.


Organisations benefit if its employees are trained in lean six sigma, in the following ways:


  • Competitive advantage: To remain relevant in today’s competitive world, organisations need every advantage they can get. Having employees who are lean six sigma certified can tune up efficiency, improve quality and reduce cost; all adding up to unique competitive advantages.
  • Reduced project lifecycle time: A team of certified lean six sigma experts will ensure that projects are delivered before deadlines by using methodologies like identifying wastes and problem solving.
  • Reduced costs: Reduced cost lie at the core of any business. Identification and elimination of waste in workflows increase cost effectiveness of products and services.
  • Improved efficiency and standardisation: Ensuring efficiency through standardisation is one of the main goals of six sigma.
  • Better implementation of organisational change: Employees trained and implementing lean six sigma can make positive cultural changes possible at an organisational level. Motivated and satisfied employees are the key to bring about a positive shift in the organisational culture.
  • Improved enterprise level strategic planning process: Catering to complex demands of the customer needs powerful planning, precise implementation and thorough evaluation at all stages. Lean six sigma trained employees can help develop and implement strategic plans, positively impacting the organisation.



Reaching organisational goals is easier when employees are trained in lean six sigma methodologies – i.e., waste reduction and promoting innovation. Lean six sigma certification of employees checks every box that organisations want in terms of process improvement

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