Lean Six Sigma in recruitment and human resource management

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Lean six sigma has become an asset in the business world,

since it offers tangible methods to problem solving through waste identification and process implementation driven by the aim to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction.

The benefits of applying lean six sigma in recruitment and human resources (HR) has now become the latest area of focus. The retaining of existing talent and hiring of fresh employees are processes that are fraught with too many processes, steps and little scope to improve.

Can an intervention from the lean six sigma method of problem solving come to the rescue? According to Dr. Anita Stalin of Lean Six Sigma World, “The lean six sigma can definitely be applied to human resources to eliminate unnecessary wasteful processes and speed up recruitment, achieve consistent results and improve efficiency. It helps reduce focus from processes and instead pay attention to getting or retaining the right candidates.”

HR managers have learnt to adapt to the lean six sigma way of thinking and the need of employees with lean six sigma knowledge continues to grow.

Applying lean six sigma in recruitment and HR department: Advantages and benefits

Lean six sigma can be used by HR managers or executives in the following ways:

  • To identify and create a qualification template that helps identify ideal traits of job applicants.
  • To analyse whether talented employees are being retained and if not, to make improvements such as better culture, training or compensation packages to ensure retention.
  • To ensure talent acquisition using DMAIC.
  • To use data-driven strategies to find bottle-necks and device solutions.
  • Ensure adequate training to managers and staff, including conflict resolution, communication and process flows.




HR and recruitment managers and executives face many complexities that lead to waste and inconsistencies in processes. They now look towards lean six sigma as an ideal problem-solving tool which can help them in managing HR and in the recruitment process.

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