Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification: A stepping stone to success

Lean six sigma and the success associated with it inspires many to train and upgrade themselves professionally. But doubts about its benefits in the career graph still persist and this blog is intended to clear those specific niggling thoughts.


Lean six sigma green belt certification is the foundation course in lean six sigma training and is deemed to have many advantages, irrespective of the industry. It is known to be of great value to organisations to promote improvement and overall growth. Green belt lean six sigma certified professionals work under the guidance of a black belt lean six sigma expert.

We have listed some of the benefits to individuals who are on a lookout to scale their career prospects:

  • Problem solving capabilities: Lean six sigma sharpens your ability to identify waste in workflows or problems in processes. As a green belt, you would be able to solve these problems easily and effectively and thus help improving the quality of the final product or service.
  • Professional development: As certified lean six sigma green belt, you are privy to skills that benefit you personally as well as your organisation. It enables you to communicate clearly about complex topics and offer useful recommendations, getting you noticed by the top management and increasing your chances of growth in the organisation.
  • Confidence development: As you identify and solve problems effectively, your confidence increases, which manifests as tasks completed well within timelines, well documented processes or high-quality products.
  • Competitive benefits: A lean six sigma certification, the skills achieved during training and the results of successfully completed projects automatically put you ahead of the pack when its time for an appraisal or a promotion.



Employee profiles who will benefit from lean six sigma green belt certification

The green belt six sigma certification is useful for any professional who would want to work in projects involving improvement in structure and workflows. Some examples could be project managers, process engineers, manufacturing engineers, compliance engineers, operation managers, business process analyst, data scientists, IT managers, project engineers, etc.



Many organisations implement lean six sigma professionals to identify waste, deploy processes and workflows that improve efficiency and increase quality of products and services while promoting customer satisfaction. If you are a lean six sigma certified green belt, you can definitely make a mark in your organisation.

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