6 sigma in small businesses: Is it a must-have or a good-to-have?

Six sigma

is often associated with large businesses which have the manpower and the required funding to identify, deploy and sustain such projects.  But this thought process is becoming obsolete as more and more business owners are becoming aware of the application and benefits of  sigma in their organisations.

Certainly, there are a few constraints that can limit the implementation of 6 sigma in a small business like –

  • Lack of resources and expertise
  • Lack of funding/ cash reserves
  • Inability to train and employ a full time master black belt


This being said, there are numerous solutions to this problem, and a slight change in perspective can help small business owners to initiate 6 sigma methodologies and reap rich rewards.

The inherent characteristics in a small business that can ensure effective implementation and benefits of 6 sigma are:

  • The deployment speed of 6 sigma is faster and more effective in a small set-up and is not affected by bureaucratic maladies.
  • Implementation of 6 sigma methodology at an early stage i.e., when the business is still a small sized one, can ensure the focussed cementing of the right culture before the business becomes energetically resistant to change.
  • Costs to initiate and deploy 6 sigma in small businesses can be controlled using incremental training and implementation, thus reducing the drain on resources.
  • A 6 sigma black belt or master black belt can be taken on as an external consultant who can head the project and train a team of green belts for implementation.



Small businesses need to be nimble and open to change while meeting day-to-day challenges. 6 sigma enables your small business is a must-have if the aim is to grow into a stronger organisation with a quality driven culture at its core.


We provide consulting and training services to help launch and sustain 6 sigma in your small business.


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