Lean Six Sigma Certification Comparison Guide

Lean six sigma is a fact-based philosophy of management

which is driven by data and adds value to organisations in terms of waste reduction, process efficiencies and customer loyalty. Knowledge of lean six sigma can be an asset to any organisation, but knowing which level of certification would suit you best is critical for good results.

Lean Six Sigma courses have 4 levels or belts, which are named using the belt system inspired by Karate – yellow, green, black and master black belt.

In this article, we break down the differences between the various levels or belts, based on the requirements for certification and expectations once certification is completed.  

Yellow Belt

Has basic understanding of lean six sigma concepts and is responsible for certain aspects of the project implementation as decided by the Black Belt. A yellow belt expert is expected to be involved in a lean six sigma project as a part time responsibility in addition to daily routine work assigned and a salary hike for additional work can be expected.


Green Belt

Has more in depth understanding of lean six sigma concepts and can practically implement some aspects of the project. Green belts are often given the responsibilities related to statistics, data collection and testing of the lean six sigma projects. Although green belts also are expected to work on lean six sigma projects only as an add on to their original responsibilities, they can expect a good salary rise compared to yellow belts.


Black Belt

Is the project leader and has complete understanding of lean six sigma concepts, methodologies and techniques. Black belts are expected to devote their entire working time to manage the lean six sigma projects undertaken by the organisation and ensure implementation. Identifying problems, creating a process improvement process, project initiation, delegation of project related responsibilities and tracking and reporting progress to the management is the responsibility of a black belt.


A comparison of the three levels of expertise is shown in the illustration below:




Levels of belts ensure the successful completion of projects implemented at all levels of the organisation. If you are considering a lean six sigma certification course, it is imperative to know where you will best fit in.

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