Lean Six Sigma as A Career Path

Lean Six Sigma experts

are currently in demand by almost all types of organisations, including manufacturing, healthcare, finance, etc. Lean six sigma has been successfully implemented by most of the organisations globally and is already changing lives for the better.

With the ever increasing demand for lean six sigma experts, it can turn out to be an excellent career choice for any professional who intends to climb the ladder of success.

How to start your lean six sigma career?

To start a career in lean six sigma, it is essential to have an understanding of its methods and techniques. Enrolling in an institute which provides a certification course in lean six sigma, is therefor the first step.

There are no specific preliminary requirements to begin learning lean six sigma. Certifications are provided at various levels, green belt, yellow belt and black belt, depending on the depth of knowledge you would want.

Choose an accredited lean six sigma certification course that offers exams at the end of the training and helps you get some on the job training and experience.

An accredited lean six sigma certification can put you on a path to success. Implementation of the principles of lean six sigma can help improve productivity of an organisation, reduce costs, increase the organisations credibility and investor trust, improve customer loyalty and help compliance with regulations.  An ability to achieve all of these increases your value to your employer and gives you a chance to move into managerial roles.


Other skills that can be useful for a career in lean six sigma

  1. Data analysis:  Knowledge of data analysis will help you measure variability, central tendency and accurately interpret it.  
  2. Management: Managing team members, stake holders and other relevant people lies at the crux of the lean six sigma application and plays a major role in the successful completion of any team project.
  3. Leadership skills: All lean six sigma professionals must be good leaders, since they can help resolve problems, improve work flows and thus bring out the best in the people of the organisation.

Upskill with a lean six sigma certification and boost your chances of a successful career.

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