The Application of Lean Six Sigma to Emerging Trends

Lean six sigma and its principles have an application across industries and at all levels of the organisation

Applying lean six sigma methodologies to ensure progress to an organisation depends entirely on the needs of improvement.

The world is moving at an extremely fast pace and organisations need to keep up to this or get redundant in the process. To ensure that organisations are at par with the emerging trends and are able to meet the changing requirements, the lean six sigma methodologies also require evolution.

Let’s understand the emerging trends.

  • Increased assertiveness of customers:

Happy and satisfied customers are the end goal of every organisation. With the increasing availability of information, customers are becoming more demanding of quality, timely response and better service. They understand the power of the consumer and are ready to review products and services on public social media platforms, causing damage to reputation and a negative impact on business.


  • Increasing capability and use of information technology:

Artificial intelligence is now become a common topic of conversation. Use of highly advanced chatbots and other interactive software has led to changes in work flows that were never previously imagined.


  • Globalisation:

With connectivity increasing on a daily basis, the globalisation culture has caught up to even the most remote places in the world. This has inevitably stepped up competition and its associated pressures on organisations.


The overall technology boom, internet accessibility of customers and globalisation has led to an unprecedented increase in the type and volume of problems that an organisation faces. Most six sigma experts face large, unstructured problems that very often cannot be resolved with a single lean six sigma project, but may need multiple such projects running in tandem.

The world is moving, and with it is the need for evolution in the lean six sigma learning and application.

Do you have what it takes to be the one at the helm, taking on large projects and delivering with flying colours? Lean six sigma may just be the certification you need to explore your full potential.

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