Understand your goals for lean six sigma training

Learning the nuances of lean six sigma can put your career on the fast track to success.

However, before you begin your search for the lean six sigma course best suited for you, it is important to define your goals and understand what it is that you want to achieve with a lean six sigma training.

Clarity on your goals will provide a ready reference which you can go to during your decision-making process.

Here are a few questions which will prompt goal creation:

  • What has encouraged or prompted you to know more about lean six sigma trainings?

Do you feel that your existing skills are somewhat lacking? Have you seen or heard about process improvement and feel that you can contribute towards it? Did your employer recommend it to you? Do you wish to be a part of ‘change’ in your organisation or business?


  • What do you want to be able to achieve or do once you are lean six sigma certified?

Contribute or lead change initiatives that are directed through process or work flow changes? Streamline processes to improve productivity and efficiency while saving on cost?


  • What are you seeking certification for?

Make an important career move towards leadership positions? Improve your business productivity and efficiency? Enable customer satisfaction? Make lean six sigma training your career?


It is important to ask yourself these questions, seek out honest answers and form basic thought processes which can act as a guide and prompt a course selection that’s best suited your needs.


Other important points you can consider before making the decision are –

  • Training methods – online or offline
  • Accreditations and affiliations of institutes
  • Study and support material
  • Comfort level with the trainer
  • Trainer expertise and experience


Lean six sigma certifications can definitely help expand your capabilities. Through the right knowledge of its methodologies and correct implementation techniques lean six sigma has been known to have myriad advantages to both the individuals involved and the organisation.

Remember, one step in the right direction is all it takes to begin the process of change.

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