Five industries that benefit from Lean Six Sigma

Since the inception of Lean Six Sigma in the automotive industry, it has outgrown in performance improvement methods. So now the question arises that “is Lean Six Sigma only applicable to only manufacturing or engineering industries”?

All industries struggle to implement accurate and viable process into their business model. Though Lean and Six sigma have roots in manufacturing, it can be applied equally to all other industries.

Let’s take a closer look at a few industries that effectively applied and benefited by the Lean and six sigma processes.

Boost your confidence by leveraging your skills in Lean Six Sigma in whichever industry you belong.

  1. Healthcare

The quality of service can be significantly improved by establishing a Lean six sigma process. Applying these principles in the healthcare sector in particular can increase the amount of time nurses spend in providing care to patients and decrease the amount of time they spend searching for wheelchairs, patient information, or medications. Healthcare labs can also benefit from the use of Lean Six Sigma process by improving the efficiency of testing procedures, which can help to reduce mistakes and in turn save money and time both.

  1. Financial and legal services

Financial and legal sector are also in the pace to leverage the benefits of Lean and Six Sigma as they operate in a process-driven service sector. Many financial sectors have successfully implemented the process of lean six sigma to pace up the loan application, insurance quote request. Eliminating errors and non-valuable tasks can enhance the ability to meet the consumer requirements.

  1. Education

Lean and Six Sigma may appear to be incompatible at first glance in schooling or education department. However, the demand for efficient and direct resources in the classrooms requires the skills of Lean Six Sigma.

Various process such as administrative procedures and repair and maintenance procedures can be streamlined and variance can be reduced using them. Lean and Six Sigma can be used to maximise the performance of instructors and students.

  1. Retail and hospitality

Lean Six Sigma plays an important role in retail and hospitality industry in timely delivery of the products, reliant customer services and inventory counts. Companies such as Amazon, Nike, etc have implemented the concept of Lean Six Sigma and are now at global level.  

  1. Office-based businesses

Lean and Six Sigma concept can be applied in office environments to rule out and eliminate the waste or non-value adding tasks. This concept can be applicable in each and every department. As a result of this, the office workplace is streamlined with longer productivity and better customer satisfaction.

To conclude –

As we discussed in this blog, Lean Six Sigma is not limited to only manufacturing industry but has a wide range of scope in various other industries at a global level.

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