Application Lean Six Sigma Principles in Financial Organisations

Financial services are always seeking new ways to improve their processes

and increase efficiency, especially in the area of operations. Studies have shown that strategies used to eliminate organisational waste can lead to an increase in the number of satisfied customers. It is in this aspect that the Lean Six Sigma Methodologies can be of great value to financial organisations. The combination of the Lean and Six Sigma principles when applied to financial services can streamline their operations and reduce waste, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction and increased profitability.

, competitive and efficient in the financial service industry, especially since services by nature are often time bound and lead to an outcome which results in benefits to the customer. Lean six sigma methodology entails examination of the process from the client’s point of view to eliminate waste and increase efficiency and trust in the financial institution.

The implementation of Lean Six Sigma in financial services requires a commitment from management and staff. It is a process that requires appropriate training, resources, and time to be successful. But with the right approach and leadership, the benefits of Lean Six Sigma in financial services can be truly transformative. Many financial services institutions choose to invest in lean six sigma certification for their employees to ensure the successful implementation of Lean Six Sigma principles.

Constant innovation is the key to remain agile

There are 4 critical service factors that can help improve outcomes in financial organisations viz.;

  • Total commitment from the top management
  • Appropriate selection of lean six sigma team members based on –
    • Analytical and technical skills
    • Specific characteristics like communication, facilitating, transferability and a global vision of the business
  • Investing in specialised Lean Six Sigma training programmes and knowledge dissemination
  • Change in the entrepreneurial and company culture, including openness to change


With mounting pressure to show increased profits and cut costs, many managers in financial services and organisations tend to dismiss the value addition to the organisations brought in through lean six sigma applications. However, it is important that they realise that the benefits of lean six sigma and its implementation in the financial industry, often out weighs the costs and efforts incurred for training and implementation of these processes.

Lean Six Sigma is a powerful methodology that can be used to lower operational costs. improve efficiency and customer satisfaction in the financial services industry. By eliminating waste and improving processes, financial services can provide better service to customers and increase their profitability. The principles of Lean Six Sigma can be applied in various areas of the financial services industry, from risk management to customer service. Investing in Lean Six Sigma certification for employees can ensure the successful implementation of these principles and drive positive results for the financial institution and its customers.

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