Benefits of a LeanSixSigma certification


certification is a course that teaches, assesses and verifies an individual’s command over a quality control and process efficiencies across industries.

Lean six sigma training certifications are awarded according to levels of expertise in its concepts:

Green Belt – introduction

Yellow Belt – foundation

Black Belt – command

Black Belt Master – expertise


Prerequisites for certification


Green and yellow lean six sigma certification course can be done by anyone wishing to improve process efficiencies and reduce waste in organisations.

Black belt lean six sigma certifications are preferably done by people who have completed their green belt certification. Likewise, black belt master certification requires a prior black belt certificate.


The curriculum offered by Lean Six Sigma World is based on the International Lean Six Sigma Institute (ILLSI), Cambridge, UK.


Here are the top 5 reasons to get a lean six sigma certification


  1. Help your organisation to reduce risk, lower the number of errors and eliminate defects


A lean six sigma certification can ensure that you are crucial to the proper functioning of your organisations ability to reduce errors and improve productivity.


  1. Improve business quality and processes


Even a green belt six sigma certified individual can contribute towards the improvement of business and process quality by identifying the problems or areas of waste and applying the lean six sigma method to resolve them.


  1. Increases your worth across industries


Lean six sigma is not an industry specific course and so its concepts, tools, knowledge and methodologies can be applied across various sectors.


  1. Ensures compliance to high standards


Lean six sigma expects the highest level of compliance to very highly set quality standards. This helps set standards for processes, dealing with vendors and evaluating products.


  1. Enables you to reach leadership roles


Lean six sigma certification helps you have a crystal-clear understanding of processes from a higher perspective. Risk assessment and financial management skills which are part of the lean six sigma course are highly appreciated by the top management and will help pave your way towards success.

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