Frequently Asked Questions

Which certification (belt) is right for me?

The Lean Six Sigma certification courses are mainly categorised into 3 and your choice will depend on your current level of Lean Six Sigma Qualification.

Yellow Belt: This is a beginner level course, focussed on learning the basic tools of Lean Six Sigma. It helps you become familiar with the methodology and tools used for process improvement

Green Belt: This is an intermediate level course and will promote your ability to practically apply Lean Six Sigma tools. On completion you will be a contributing member of the process improvement team in your organisation.

Black Belt: An advanced level course which will enable you to lead six sigma teams and projects using advanced Lean Six Sigma tools and concepts.

Talk to our counsellor to make the right decision.

What are the benefits of being lean 6 sigma certified?

Becoming a certified Lean Six Sigma professional has major benefits:

  • Decreases waste

The ideology of Lean Six Sigma is to help you and your company optimize processes in a way that totally cuts out waste. The course teaches you to identify and root out waste, thus saving on resources, time and money.

  • Increase efficiency

The upside of decreasing waste is increasing efficiency through leveraging of effective processes. The formal Lean Six Sigma training will allow for practical ways to improve business productivity

  • Reduce errors

Quality is an important aspect of the Lean Six Sigma methodology. Getting your product right the first time will save a lot of time, money and resources.

  • Applied across industries

This is one of the best parts of Lean Six Sigma – it’s application in nearly any industry – ranging from manufacturing to higher education; from retail to healthcare.

Lean Six Sigma training can help your company benefit by reducing costs and increasing profits. Learn How

Lean six sigma examination structure

Yellow , green belt and Black belt Lean Six Sigma Exams are multiple choice questions.

What are the learning methods

Online self-learning

Instructor based courses

What if I miss a class?

If you miss a class, you can be accommodated in the forthcoming batches. Very soon, we will also have recoded session available for the students who miss the class.

Is the Lean Six Sigma exam and certification Internationally Accredited & Certified ?

Yes, all of our Lean Six Sigma exams and certifications are Internationally Accredited and Certified by the ILSSI (International Lean Six Sigma Institute) , based in Cambridge, UK and international partners on every continent.

How do I earn a Lean Six Sigma certification ?

There are 4 levels of certifications, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt. To obtain a Yellow, Green or Black Belt Lean Six Sigma certification, you must pass an exam.
For the Master Black Belt you must also have proof of at least 5 years as a successful practicing Black Belt and have completed at least 3 DMAIC projects which can be audited by the Lean Six Sigma world ( e-mail us for more information about the auditing process ).

Do you send out paper certificates for Lean Six Sigma Yellow, Green and Black Belt exams ?

We send out electronic certificates in .pdf format for Lean Six Sigma Yellow, Green and Black Belt exams. However if your company requires paper certificates we can arrange this at an extra cost.

What type of work experience are required for Six Sigma Green Belt and Six Sigma Black Belt?

There is no specific work experience or number of years required to take the Lean Six Sigma Yellow, Green or Black Belt Programs. Lean Six Sigma methodologies and principles allow Lean Six Sigma professionals to work in a variety of industries including retail, manufacturing, supply-chain, contact centres, government and healthcare.

I have a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification from another institution. Can I enroll in your Lean Six Sigma Black Belt program?

Of course! Our team will evaluate and account for your current knowledge and experience when moving into the Black Belt Certification Program.

What is your pass rate for Lean Six Sigma Certification exams ?

The range of pass rates for Lean Six Sigma Certification exams ranges from 70% % to 100 % depending on country, company, industry and experience of the class. This is a wide range.  There are many variables that affect your ability to pass the exam so we prefer not to set student expectations by giving our mean average pass rate.

Do you certify Lean Six Sigma trainers as well?

Yes, we certify trainers based on their training profile as well as their performance on the Master Black Belt exam.

Do you provide assessment support for companies that want to gauge their readiness to deploy an LSS initiative or gauge the maturity of their ongoing Six Sigma initiative ?

Yes. We also can do gap analysis and detailed recommendations of how to close these gaps, and also how to get certified as a an organization.


How are your Lean Six Sigma online examinations conducted?

Once you click to register for the Lean Six Sigma examination and have made payment, you can sit the examination independently in a time-controlled instance.

How often do you hold your International Lean Six Sigma conferences?

Our annual Lean Six Sigma conferences are held in January of every year at major destinations around the world. However, we are soon to introduce some regional conferences at other times during the year.

What do I stand to benefit from being a student of the lean six sigma world?

An international Lean Six Sigma certification and accreditation organisation, with a network of hundreds of experts in the field of OPEX and CI, you will benefit from association with the top names and the international recognition of your certification

When can I sit the Lean Six Sigma examination ?

Our exams are available online 24/7 365 days a year. You can sit our Lean Six Sigma exams whenever you have internet access. Our exams work on any platform, iOS, Windows on a PC, laptop or tablet.