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The exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions and each question only has one correct answer.


LSSi UK LHCP Course Content

1. Introduction to Lean Principles in Healthcare : This module typically covers the foundational concepts of Lean thinking and how they apply to healthcare settings.

2. Value Stream Mapping: Participants learn how to create value stream maps to identify and eliminate waste in healthcare processes.

3. 5S and Visual Management: This module focuses on workplace organization and visual tools to improve efficiency and safety.

4. Kaizen and Continuous Improvement: Participants learn how to facilitate Kaizen events and drive ongoing improvement in healthcare processes.

5. Lean Tools and Techniques: This module covers various Lean tools and techniques such as Poka-Yoke, Kanban, and A3 problem solving.

6. Lean Leadership and Culture: Participants explore the importance of leadership in Lean transformation and creating a culture of continuous improvement.

7. Lean in Clinical and Non-Clinical Areas: This module delves into applying Lean principles to both clinical and administrative aspects of healthcare.

8. Lean Project Management: Participants learn how to plan, execute, and manage Lean improvement projects in healthcare.

9. Lean in Patient Care: This module focuses on improving patient satisfaction and outcomes through Lean methodologies.

10. Measurement and Metrics: Participants learn how to measure the impact of Lean initiatives and track key performance indicators.

Case Studies and Best Practices : Real-world case studies and examples of successful Lean healthcare implementations are often discussed.

Simulation and Practical Application: Some programs include hands-on exercises and simulations to apply Lean principles in healthcare scenarios.